Name of your dog, cat, birds, snakes etc

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  1. a golden. thats a bummer. sorry about that. they are the best dogs. goldens only have one desire in life. to please their master. i have a golden and she truely is my best buddy.
    my advice. even though it hurts now get another one as soon as you can. man should not live without a golden.
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    I said we would hold off on another dog, and I've spent most of the day looking at the Golden rescue site for our area.
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  3. i know how you feel. we lost a 13 year old golden 5 years ago. we decided to wait to get another one so for once we could travel without worry about boarding. that lasted about 6 months and we had to get another one. we heard about one somebody dropped off at the shelter and we rushed down there at 4 am to be first in line. they showed us the dog and let us play with her but said we dont do adoptions till after eleven come back later. we said we are not leaving without that dog so we sat there with her until eleven and the rest is history.

    here is a shelter pet search site.

    here is a picture of my golden.
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    The local rescue has a couple of brothers that are 6 months old. The last thing we need is two. I should have never looked. A Burmese Mountain Dog breeder a couple of miles down the road has some pups left also. they must be about 6 months also. I need to turn off the stupid computer.
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  5. once you are a golden owner it will be hard to put up with other breeds. my sisterinlaw did that. she had a lab that died. she house sat our golden a few times and commented how nice and obedient they were, i found several goldens for her to adopt but she kept insisting that she wanted a small dog. she finally got a Bichon from a breeder. that dog is a monster. it refuses to house train, it barks all the time. every day when she goes to work it goes beserk in the house. its a cute dog but annoying as hell.
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  6. I have the mix of breed labrador and pit bull from the shelter. He is very very sweet, he listen, and can walk with me no leash and stay with me. He have the face of the labrador (sweet and kind), and the body of pit bull with the brindle color.
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  7. Jubilee, my chihuahua!!!
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    Cats; "Flea taxi" & Chairman Meow. Twin brother grey tabby cats.

    Dogs; Buddy, PeeDee, Moe, Curly & Larry. (All related & Buddy is the father & used to have the mother) Buddy is a Cur dog/beagle mix and Angel was a pure American eskimo (large size).

    I also have a girl named Lucy who is a mix of blacklab/cattledog
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    Best Dog and Cat names

    Dog, Deogi pronounced Dee-O-Gee

    Cat, Ceati pronounced Cee-A-Tee
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