Name of your dog, cat, birds, snakes etc

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    Golden Retriever---Sam. The best dog ever.
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  2. the golden is a working dog as well & if he`s from a working bloodline,his drive will be high,which it sounds you have.

    the solution is simple....your dog "needs" to exert him self on a daily basis for 45 min to an hour.....the fetch game ,constantly back & forth in rapid succession.

    a walk is nice & all but it is NOT enough for a dog with drive & strong ambition to work..................a morning,early afternoon walk,followed up by a late afternoon,early evening intense fetch workout with hi reps.........that will satisfy his intense urge for the time being,especially if he`s young.....1yr to 2 yrs..........................good luck.
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  3. Two mini schnauzers. Marley and Maxie. They love to love, play and they dont shed. Perfect pets...
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  4. A black cat named Tricky. Some kids found her as a kitten in the back of an abandon car. They brought her into my Pet store 16 years ago. She's still kicking.
    A Beagle named Angel That I got from a shelter in 1999. She was 2 at the time. Eats like there is no tomorrow.
    I no longer own the store. Superstores drove me out. Bastards!
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  5. I used to see a lady play the fetch game with her golden with a ball in WATER when I used to jog laps around the little pond. That must be a pretty good workout for the dog. She would continue walking around the pond while the dog was swimming out to get the ball, so when he was swimming back, he would have to see where she was & swim back that way to catch up to her !!!
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  6. I forgot about Peggy....the mutt sheep dog...small & shaggy. One day when I was in high school I went into the bathroom to get ready for school & found Peggy dead on the floor :( My father was in the process of building his office & Peggy is buried in the foundation.
    We also had a yellow canary named Sam.
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  7. swimming is a great workout for any dog that will take to water & how she encouraged him/her is a woman whom understood her dog..........the only thing i have against a dog that swims is from a scenario i saw first hand..............never,ever let a dog go into deep water( above his shoulders) with a leash/collar still attached is the possibility for it to get attached/caught onto debris......& unlees you swim out to save the dog & are paying attention......the dog could easily panic & drown.......i unfortunately saw this first hand in Bear mountain ,ny.

    another unfortunate water story is about a great dog(malinios) we trained up to 2 yrs old.......sent him to colorado PD to a novice handler.......while he sent the dog into a creek after the suspect,he simply grabbed the dogs collar & held him under until he went limp...........hence my feelings on collars/leashes in water.
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    Thanks for the tips! I get him out at least 4x a day for walks. He makes a great reason to walk away from the screens during the day. I'll try adding the extended fetch sessions. He loves fetch! My youngest could run with him all day if I left the both of them.
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  9. i`ll use them as a reason to clear the mechanism & walk away from the screens as well........good stuff..........& if i forget ,they`ll let me know & then the guilt trip ensues.....LOL
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  10. (5) strays and (2) hardship adoptions;

    Odessa - border collie
    (I was going there the next day).

    Max - yellow lab
    (came with same name as my father - much to both's chagrin).

    Junior - mutt
    (never, never give a dog a "temporary" name).

    Holstein - black/white tabby

    Jeb - gray tabby
    (came named "Parrot" - went with something a bit more manly).

    Gunther - gray tabby.
    (wife pregnant at the time - if it was a boy I wanted a good German name "Wolfgang Gunther" - not knowing I was kidding my wife offered up this name for the new cat instead).

    Toulouse - russian blue cross
    (daughter named him from Aristocats - however I think Berlioz is the dark kitten in the movie, though).
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