Name of your dog, cat, birds, snakes etc

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    what do you have....
    post their names....with love
  2. r-in


    Cats = Bub, Rocket, Shadow, Kahlua
    Lady(deceased earlier this year)

    Moses- 1yr old Golden Retriever who failed assisted living
    training for a lady with no arms. She gave him to a
    rescue place on the condition he go to a good home.
    So we got him for free, but made a donation to the
    training place to get her a new dog.
  3. golden = tara. goldens are the best dog there is. their only desire in life is to please their master.

    cat = dipsey. kids named it after the tela tubby character on pbs.
  4. My daughter named our 3 cats.
    Johnny Cat, Care Bear and Charlie Friend.

  5. 2 deceased goldens = rusty & lucky (won $400 on lottery ticket that day)

    new golden puppy = chance

    naughty mutt = bradley
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    I am so happy that others think the same as I do. I cannot wait until I get a house and get a golden retriever myself. My parents current dog's name is Breeze (bad name...i know. my mother named him). Before him there was Sunny, Ladd and Prince, all golden's.
  7. cats= nerone [moved to a better place now :(]; mitchka.
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    We had shelties when I was a kid and they were great dogs also.
    Question for fellow Golden fans. Ours is just over a year old and boy this guy likes to put everything in his mouth(and eat if he has the chance). I've gotten him out of taking the newspaper, but most everything else is free game to him. I've tried various training and punishment techniques to no avail. Do any of you have anything that worked well? And yes the big turkey has plenty of toys! :D
  9. 2 dogs........Belgian Malinios.....Link & Ruger

    i trained K9`s for Nassau/Suffolk counties & departments across the US for 4 years.....along with my teacher in Ronkonkoma, LI.

    strong willed/strong driven breed that are fazing out the german shepards in military/police work......thanks to AKC destroying a great breed in the GSD.......military uses the Malinios exclusively now for the last 5 years.

    just to add,out of all the breeds i`ve trained.....i`ve never had a breed try to out think me by being 4 steps ahead of the program after a couple of sessions.they are without a doubt the most intelligent breed i`ve ever had the pleasure of traing because of their strong desire to please & intense drive/ passion for work.
  10. they are called golden retrievers for a reason. they love to retrieve things. at about 2 years they will mellow out. in the meantime get a training shock collar with a hand held remote actuator. goldens are very trainable. you can also get them combined with an invisible fence if you need that.
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