Name of the set of all orders in all states for a trading account?

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    Example: You have 27 orders in mixed states: pending acknowledgement, open, filled, unfilled, canceled, rejected, etc... They may also be from different asset classes: equities, options, futures, etc.

    What is this hodgepodge collection of all orders called?

    - A book? that's what an exchange keeps
    - A portfolio? that's a set of owned positions: long, short, etc.
    - A blotter? That the record of all daily activity.

    To make an analogy, think of an online shopping cart. There's lots of stuff in there, but the items are in all different states. Some items may be sold out, some unavailable, others on layaway. This analogy would also include items in transit: some shipping, some arrived, etc..

    What is this "cart"-like thing called in the trading world?

    tyvm --Keith :^)
  2. qlai


    You have open orders and/or positions. What you have above is redundant.
  3. Overnight


    I don't believe it is called anything. Not everything has to be compartmentalized into a category.

    If you had to call it something, call it your "Order status omnibook." hehe
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    i call the collection orders and each order has a status
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    The cart is orderTickets. Guess what's in it?
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    The array name is plural such as orderTickets, an element in the array should be singular as in: ricket[1], ricket[2], ....

    For ease of reading.
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    Are you guys joking or is this a real thing?
  10. Ha ha, i guess there are no stupid questions .. only stupid answers. Why don't you just simply name the collection of your order book ... Bob? LOL
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