Name Calling

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by tradermaji, May 16, 2006.

  1. Baron and other moderators,

    Will you all please issue warnings or perhaps revoke membership privileges of posters who resort to name calling and launch personal attacks on other members?

    For example,

    The response to mahram's posting by another member where references to bestiality is brought up is really degrading to this forum. I wonder if these people talk like that in front of their friends and family :confused:
  2. reg


    It is interesting to note that you found another like-minded poster's reference to "cousin f*cking" amusing in another thread.

    Is incest a more palatable topic for you? Or do you just feel like applying rules selectively?
    Anyway, the intro to the chit chat forum explicitly states that
    that forum "is not for the faint of heart. If you are easily offended, stay away from this forum!"
    I suggest you stay away from that forum.
  3. Reg,

    I object to your name calling of particular members.

    I am from the New Orleans area and redneck, cajun, and Chalmatian jokes are very common here.

  4. Joe


    From what I could see there is nothing wrong with this thread. I deleted the "goat humping" comment. In the future if you have a problem with a post, press the complain button which is at the bottom of every post.
  5. reg



    I am from the West Coast and "goat-humping" comments and jokes are very common here.
  6. Joe,

    Thanks for doing that. I objected to that comment.

    As for Reg, I think he missed the point of my objection.
  7. reg


    No, I did not.
    That was not the first time I called mahram a "goat humper", and it won't be the last either.
    One of the other mods had used this term repeatedly in previous threads, so if you find it offensive, stay away from the chit chat forum.