Naked Short Selling

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  1. You've read about, heard your friends talk about it, heard Gary Weiss say it doesn't exist. Well, it does exist, and when it unwinds will dwarf Enron, Worldcom, Tyco, Healthsouth, Herpes, Acne everything else.

    For those of you looking to profit from the coming apocolyptic squeeze, may I suggest Josh Galpern does a nice job with negative rebates, and his research explains how the pension funds of this country are negatively effected by naked shorting.

    I would also suggest monitoring the SHO list. The latest nice gainer was LZB.

    Make it hurt.
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    Didn't have time to read the whole thing. But who's Jim DeCosta?
  3. leading scholar on the topic, authored three books, was on the NAASA panel (North American Asso of State Sec regulators).. etc.
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    Ah, just googled him and found this "Dr. Jim DeCosta and Associates Consultants to Victim Corporations (503) 692-0650." Makes sense. He's been on the SEC about this since at least 2003. :)
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    thx for sharing. :) BTW especially didn't like the part where he talks about "the anticipated response of the abusive DTCC participants to any new legislation and then err on the side of over-legislating if anything."
  6. You're right. That's why, if you can get a locate on OSTK, it's 100% neg rebate. And that's why, after 20 months of SHO, more stocks fail than get removed.

    No problem at all. Look at charts on the Prime Brokers.
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    Look at charts on the Prime Brokers.

    what do you mean?
  8. Two weeks ago on a buis. channel,it was explained that it is legal for a firm,company or institution,to legally naked short a security,if they sell the actual physical security.
  9. this forum attracted me because I'm 99% sure I'm seeing this happen now.Better to blow 100mil now in effort to save 300-500mil on the buyout,in this case anyway.
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