Naked pic of Scarlett Johansson leaked

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Maverick74, Sep 14, 2011.

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  2. Where is the rest of them? :D
  3. Saw these on twitter this morning. Good lookin' gal :D
  4. Please quit stalling and post the rest of the pics. The grainy boob pic from a shitty cellphone cam isnt doing it for me. :D
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    Wait a minute, did Buzzfeed pull the other pics? I still have the link open if they did. I can screen capture it.
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    Here you go.
  7. LOL thx. :D
  8. Lornz


    I don't understand why these people takes such pictures? They're bound to end up on the net at some point...
  9. Yeah i dont understand it either. You would have to be pretty dumb, even as an every day person to think a vindictive ex isnt going to use them against you in a bad breakup. Let alone the fact that if you are a celebrity the tapes/pictures can be worth millions.
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    others want to take their pictures why not do it themself.
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