Najarian's optionMONSTER InsideOptions?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Jahajee, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Anyone tried Najarian's optionMONSTER InsideOptions?


  2. The more appropriate question might be how many Volume based Option services has Dr J launched since 1983?
  3. ..appears to be a rhetorical questi0n but...

    I don't know, please elaborate, tell us your opinion of his services.

  4. In plain english, it is worthless if not negative-worth. Because if someone gets something right, why the multiiple versions of the same thing?

    He strikes me more as a guy who is a talker and plays football or some other athletic work he can no longer do, but now have people like you pay him, and waste the time of people like me writing this to help you and getting nothing in return.

    In straight talk: that guy is an idiot.
  5. why do you guys have to be so negative? i found the guy quite useful. i USED TO USE HIS ADVICE AS A CONTRARIAN INDICATOR, AND MADE nice money off of it. you see, you can always find something positive in everything :D
  6. As I continue to explore several other trading instruments I noticed a plethora of offerings with "10% per month safe" options trades with IRON CONDORS.
    Being a very sceptical guy, I ask many questions. Like, are these
    for real? If so, why aren't hedge funds and other investors utilizing these?

    Comments ?


  7. taowave


    It is absolutely ludicrous to base ones trading soley on Condors,butterflys and all the other 4 legged beasts that these guys prop up..

    By and large they are cheap in high vol,and expenive in low vol assuming the strikes are close to spot..

    By the time you cross bid offer spread to trade,the only people making money are the brokers and the numnuts touting them..

  8. dmo


    Forget 10% - if you could make 2% per month safely and consistently you'd beat the pants off Warren Buffett and everyone else. Hedge funds would go out of business - who would need them?

    If you believe any of these books about how easy it is to make consistent money trading options, that's like me reading an article on martial arts then going into the octagon against the Ultimate Fighting champion and figuring I'll probably land a lucky punch.
  9. TYtrader


    Some hedge funds use condors. More of them use butterflies and many of the butterflies are directional, meaning they make bests profits when the stock moves into a certain range.

    I don't know about optionmonster InsideOptions. I'm sure there is some good stuff in there because these guys are experienced. But, haven't had a close look. See if there is a free trial and take a look.