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  1. Maybe I miss heard him, but I swear he said he makes 20% on MSFT selling calls 1 strike out of the money. Seriously. I follow MSFT and I have never seen 20%. Why are these kind of statements allowed? Correct me if I am wrong, but to me that is criminal if I understood his statement.
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    Think he said selling 1 strike OTM, combined with the dividend makes the return something like 20% annualized. Some type of 'boosting dividend yield' argument. Think I heard it last week on Fast Money.

    Also, that big scroll of text that is too small to read before the commercial prevents whatever he says from being criminal :D
  3. do it 12 times and then see what that adds up to.
  4. Perhaps he meant 20% annualized.
  5. At least this year you would have been called out of MSFT on a monthly basis and it to make the return it assumes you would have grabbed the best price each month. I don't think he gets that, but I guess when you throw a disclaimer you can claim anything.
  6. he meant his ponytail is 20% longer than his brothers
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    He probably meant he's 20% douchebag and 80% nutsack.
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    He looks like a "cartoon character" with the whiteout used on his mug to distract from that Q-BALL noggin. Outdated multi colored shirts. Pony tails are for girls........PLEASE someone clue him in.

    And last but not least.........he has a shit eating grin.

    Would you really like to know what he comes across as? :eek:

    (time for me to go away for a couple months.........summer time is fun time)
  9. 1) The "rat tail" is a little douchey. :D
    2) Are you on Summer Break from Syracuse or Rutgers? :confused:
    3) He's a multi-multi-miliionaire. You're a thousandaire. :eek:
  10. Yep he is, but he comes on tv making claims for individual stocks for the individual investor. Good for him as a market maker, but don't pretend to be an expert at the retail level. Completely different animals. He does offer good points, but the whole "here's the trade" no better than other marketers.
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