Nails Investments

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Jesus, Feb 9, 2010.

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    Haven't been on in a while, Moses had a meltdown that I had to deal with, but I just had to post about this.

    Boy CNBC will let anybody advertise. I just saw a commercial for Nails Investments. That half retarded (Yes I said the r-word, go to hell Sarah Palin) former baseball player turned day trader who just filed for bankruptcy, I guess is back at it. The commercial said, "We've had 140 wins and 0 losses."
    LOL wish I was that good.

    It also said that their goal is to make 1,000 dollars a trade. WHAT A GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't think CNBC has ANY standards for commercials. I'm half expecting Kanye West to come on CNBC touting his new hedge fund, D-Bag Capital.

    Anybody gonna pay the thousand bucks subscription fee???:p :p
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    This guy is a total scam...nuf said.