Nail In The Coffin Of Unbiased ABC News

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jun 16, 2009.

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  2. State run media.

    And people criticize Jews for not leaving Germany in time.

    Just like frogs in a pot of water...nice and slow.
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    Problem is finding well informed opposing viewpoints that do not have an inherent conflict. The Obama administration is not in the medical care business. If they had a conflict it would be because of political contributions from the Medical Cartel. Since they are taking an anti-Cartel stance, they are believable. (I am not saying they are right, but only that their point of view is worth listening to.)

    On the other hand, whose counter argument can you trust? Certainly not any congressman who has taken significant contributions from the Medical Cartel via PACs or whatever (which includes most of them), or has a too cozy relationship with a Cartel lobbyist. Certainly not any spokesman for the Drug Industry, the Insurance Industry, The AMA, or the AHA. The conflicts of interest are too obvious, so anything out of their mouths has to be immediately discounted. Certainly not any big share holder in a Cartel corporation, for the same reasons.

    Surely there are those who have studied the issues from an unbiased, more or less academic viewpoint, who can make the case against the Administration plan by pointing out its dangers and flaws based on unbiased fact rather than fears promoted by the Cartel. But it should be obvious to everyone that it will be difficult to find a knowledgeable person or organization to present an unbiased counterpoint. Nevertheless, ABC, should go all out to do so. My guess is that they will raise questions in there own "viewer friendly" journalist style, but the issue is of such great importance that it is almost a foregone conclusion that ABC will not bring the necessary depth of discussion to the table.