Nagoya 2010, without USA, why ?

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  1. Do you know why ? ( I should have put it in Eco^^)

    Don't you think his life is worth saving ? And thusfar is living space ?

  2. Animals are capable of saving their life. Animals do not need human beings help. Leave animals alone.
  3. Nice at least you had tree part in your answers. Congrats !

    1) Animals are capable of saving their life

    2) Animals do not need human beings help

    3) Leave animals alone

    I will try to adress them all :

    1) Yes, of course. They have been experiencing life since millions if not billions of years. Even if this training was one of the most complet never done, they aren't prepared to live post-nulear, high toxicity due to ( Nano particule, Gmo and co ) environnement. The few that will, and there will be will not look like you used to see life. But don't worry they will... But wouldn't it be smarter to better integrate in the eco-system ? Preserving the ones that share the planet with us ?

    2) Could you explain me why ? No really ? What makes you think that human can't help animals ? It's done since thousand of years by certain people.

    3) That's the biggest question I have for you Bearice... How do you want to leave the alone ?

    Death in Museum :


    With a living space so small that they aren't liveable :


    Or In a environnement where they could do this in peace and harmony, has they have done for thousands of years...


    A mother polar bear can't detect radioactive//nano particule//heavy metal//bio-enginered material, or toxin in the meat of the fishes... ( Same for human mothers !!! )

    Comments ?
  4. Thats a beautiful animal.It really saddens me that they're close to being extinct .
  5. Animals do not fear extinction/death.

    Only human beings fear that animals will be extinct/killed.

    Animals can change their bodies and develop into new species that is the reason there are so many animal species.

    Extinct and death is nature's rule. Some species are killed and new species are born.

    Even human being will be extinct/killed one day. Nobody can escape death.
  6. Generally speaking, I have no problems with stupidity... however when it becomes dangerous I start to have fear... And I fear that something went wrong in your brain development...

    Bearice, welcome to my ignore list !!!

    look at this "cat" :



    a pure beauty...
  7. 2 USA secret service agents said to me "you are intelligent"

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  8. Eight


    they probably said you were a person of interest and you thought it meant interesting person
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    From what I've read this is more about biodiversity of plants and animals. Since the USA and other industrial countries only agreed to the protocols without adding funding I wonder if this lack of funding might have quite a bit to do with pharmaceutical companies and companies like Monsanto.
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