Nagin’s White Man’s Guilt

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    His victory depended on it.
  2. Nagin got about 21% of the white vote while Mitch got 20% of the black votes. With more total black votes, Nagin won the election. The referenced snippet shows that the total number of black voters were higher, but does not show the percentages of votes by race for each candidate. I heard that from the GCR analysts on tv.

    "Based upon the information supplied by GCR, Nagin received 52.35% of the vote compared to Mitch Landrieu’s 47.65%. Of the 113,591 votes were cast, fifty-five percent of the vote was African American , and forty-five percent of the voters were white and others. Nagin received 59,460 votes and Landrieu collected 54,131 votes."
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    White man's guilt did not elect him.
    Just a whole pile of stupid people voted for the village idiot.
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    When he did show up in the gulf region, I was relieved he told everyone right away what the refinery rate was at the nearby Chevron refinery.
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    Oops. I need to clarify:

    I’m not referring to the New Orleans voters. I’m talking about the “white man’s guilt” in Washington. I’m not underestimating Nagin at all: The man succeeded in passing all the blame to the Feds. He also managed to make Washington guilty enough to give him an insane amount of cash. I’m sure that makes a lot of voters happy down there.
  6. Bubbles,

    Perhaps the voters were not that stupid. Nagin will now be a lame duck who will not have to worry about being reelected, while Mitch would have. So, Nagin can make those unpleasant decisions that require the bitter pill.

    Before Katrina, the black folks in town called Nagin an oreo. He had the solid backing of the white populace. However, after Katrina, the white voters blamed Nagin for their woes. Nagin realized that he had to depend on the black votes to win and made the well calculated "chocolate city" comment. He later apologized for it, but I think it struck a chord in the black community who were fearful of suddenly being the minority again. Being a minority in the deep south is something that these people did not want to be faced with.

    Also, I see that posters say that Nagin transferred blame on to the feds. I think the feds are to blame for their ineptitude. Remember, "heckuva job Brownie"? Do you know where the veep was 48 hours after the city was flooded? Do you know why the feds after 9 months have yet to provide trailers to all those who need it? Do you know what percentage of the eligible SBA loan applicants have got their loans? I don't think Nagin controls that. Stop being an apologist for the feds, they lead by Dumbya were fiddling while New Orleans was burning :mad: :mad:
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    I think "the feds" screwed up royally. Where the hell were they?

    This is what our National Guard is for, not fighting in Iraq.
    They are supposed to help our country in time of need.
    They are supposed to help with keeping our borders safe.

    I am not happy with "the feds"at all.

    They are a total disaster at handling disasters.
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  9. Way to go ... make fun of Katrina victims. Remember, during Katrina, Nagin was there. Where was Dickie? Where was your "heckuva job Brownie"? What was Dumbya doing?
  10. Good thing to know Nagin was re-elected so he can make it a "chocolate city" now...
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