Nagin calls WTC "a hole in the ground"

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  1. By now everyone has seen and heard this prince of public relations on TV, calling the tragedy at the World Trade Center a "Hole in the Ground".......

    Those of you who haven't seen the tape, take a look when you have a moment. For the interview in question, the guy shows up for his photo op, dressed like a successful drug dealer. Standing in front of a partially demolished home, he blithely dismissed the death of nearly three thousand innocent victims including my little niece (Michelle) and one of my sisters (Laura).

    Frankly had I been standing there, I would have tagged him..I think the honorable Mayor would benefit greatly from the change of perspective one gets when knocked on their ass by a total stranger....
  2. Steve, I had no idea you lost family members on 9/11. All I can do is offer my condolences on this anonymous internet chat board.

    Regarding Nagin, had you indeed tagged him, you would have had the support of the majority of the country, except for the moonbats.....wait, they may in fact be the majority so....anyway, the point is, A LOT of people would have supported you.
  3. Thanks, I won't say more about it, except that THIS is why that asshole Nagin should have thought a little more, spoke a little less...
  4. man, am really sorry for your loss, i know it wont do much but let me offer my deepest sympathies for u and your family.
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    I too would like to offer my sympathies.

    Not only to Steve46, but also to people all over the world, especially in the Middle-East who have died needlessly as a result of American foreign policy and greed. I am thinking in particular of those from the Lebanon, and of course Iraq.

    Hopefully, if Bush is removed from office along with the other Neo-cons, we will see a shift in policy, and thus less hatred towards Americans, less anti-American terrorism, and less hatred through out the middle-east as US policy divides the area further and increases tensions between neighbors.
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    The 1998 U.S. embassy bombing in Kenya, the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, and the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole all happened under a different US president, not Bush.
    Therefore, the argument that the Muslims started hating Americans because of G.W. Bush's Middle East policies is hogwash. They have been hating us ever since they got brainwashed by their so-called leaders that the path to heaven lies in the destruction of other people.
  7. sorry but now they hate us even more and sure it is because of the bush middle east policies. i mean look at the uk...if blair didnt join the retarded in iraq there's a very good chance the london attacks wouldnt have happened.
  8. streamline .....i hear brain transplants are succesful............IF bush is removed from office? that a threat? as all know he is in last term.....the tragedy of 9/11 has unfortunately faded in memories of too many liberal news media promote the terrorists and their agenda....with sympathy...and lies............very dangerous for future of America........for so many innocent people to die on that day should be always a rallying cry for war against terrorists .....Ray Nagin is not a decent American.......he wanted his "chocolate city" restored...HIS ACTUAL WORDS HEARD AND SEEN BY YOURS TRULY .....he bailed when the disaster came but was right back when the opportunity came.......the crime in Houston shot up when his chocolate city came to rascist bias here, just facts as reported on houston news......crime stats to prove it based on timeframe...they came violent crime shot up even in schools......Ray Nagin is a rascist who can't keep his foot out of his big mouth.... national guard called to chocolate city as crime got to crisis status.......all Ray Nagin's stuff..... he is the one to be removed from office, but the chocolate city voters would keep him in office regardless of his anti american comments or actions.....
  9. go to search engine and type in mohammed's setting down when u do.........Islam is not something to be proud of.........all of it built on him.......he had a 6 yr old wife....think about it.....the rules were for everybody but him.....women were for only sex....i get it now, he was the forerunner for recent american prez
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    Unfortunately, too many here seem to see things in black and white, while also believing that 9-11 really was the work of a handful of islamic lunatics. With only 12 hours each in-air experience of light air craft, would they had the abilities to fly those planes with such accuracy and precision that still puzzles many air line pilot vetrans to this day? I wont mention the astonishing fact that a paper and plastic passport of one of the 'terrorists' was also found in the wreckage, despite the intense heat that melted metal that we are always told about!

    Anyway, without sidelining this into the depths of conspiracy theorists that will be condemned by those who still believe Kennedy was shot from the Book Depository, and the bullets fired did indeed exit his body, turn around in mid air and re-enter the body, only to turn 180 degrees before exiting yet again (as proven at the autopsy after the official notes were realeased quietly a few years back), lets keep this on to US Foreign Policy.

    Right then.....

    So who thinks a weaker and unstable Iraq will strengthen Irans position?

    Who thinks US support of Israel's genocide in Lebanon will increase hatred for USA, Israel, and increase support for Hizbollah?

    Who thinks the current run up in oil prices will strengthen Irans treasury?

    Who thinks America is already too far stretched to deal with Iran?

    Who thinks the US deficit and general high levels of debt - mostly acquired by China will find its way back to US $, or will the money find it's way in to Americas 'enemies' (i.e. everyone but UK and Israel). Ooops! That last one is domestic policy I guess. Just shows that Bush are really the ones to screw the USA, just as much as Bin Laden! Hang on, aren't those two families friends?

    Hmm. Interesting times.
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