NAFTA Superhighway

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Hook N. Sinker, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. I just learned of this:

    The NAFTA superhighway is a good example of this. Building it would allow container ships to land at Mexico's new "Smart Port" at Lazaro Cardenas, travel in Mexican trucks up through the center of the United States, drop loads at designated depots and deliver containers all the way through to Canada, all under the watchful eye of a common security system.

    I suspect this superhighway (1) allows cheap Mexican truckers to enter the US trucking market and (2) allows cheap Chinese goods to enter the USA and Canada, bypassing the dockworkers' unions in the USA.

    Trucking and dockworking are some of the highest paying jobs around. Trucking and dockworking is difficult to outsource, but maybe The Government is finding a way to weaken the truckers and dockworkers' bargaining positions.
  2. Those dockworkes in Long Beach make $100k+ each. Screw them. I rather consumers get cheap goods then overpay a bunch of union workers.

    This is typical leftist thinking. Leftist pretent to care about the common man but they really don't. They would rather over pay a few individuals and screw thousands rather then let the market dictate what people pay for things and what they earn.