Nadler appears to have soiled himself on stage

Discussion in 'Politics' started by gaussian, Sep 23, 2020.

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    loldamn Jerry, even CSPAN didn't mince words. Redhat working the cameras? nvmnd, just saw disclaimer
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    Dude trusted a fart on live television and did the duck walk of shame all the way off the stage. You can see the moment he realized he filled his drawers.
  4. Did that guy leave a nice smell for Pelosi? Maybe she asked for that before they went up there.
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    you give the old timer too much credit
  6. From the look on Pelosi's face she liked it.
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    I can't wait for this man to drop dead. Worthless consumer of oxygen. A literal walking turd.
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  8. Looks like it had a "cloud" to it. Pelosi appears to be gasping for breath and wanted to raise up her mask, though that wouldn't have done any good.

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy/pair.

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    Jerrold Nadler is vile, as they come. Arrogant as shit professional politician. Money must be so good, even when they are very sick and about to die, they still crawl over to the Capitol. You only have to look to Cummings, McCain, etc and to their dying days, they were still coming to Congress? Why? To get a few more millions? Not like you can take it with you all in your casket? Or maybe, they did.
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  10. This is the image now striking terror into the heart of every democratic. Will old Joe follow suit and publicly shit himself, literally.
    Jesus H. Christ, this is the party leadership, so fucking old and feeble they can't even control their bowels. These are the people the left puts front and center to usher in some new era of progressive ideology? This isn't even a bad joke anymore, it's just fuckin pathetic and painful to watch. Four years, four god damn years and this is what the left ends up with. Christ almighty.
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