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  1. Lucias



    First, I only know the very basics about options. Ideally I would like to find something that trades just like the futures, i.e the ES but where I can set my own point value to my choosing. It sounds like CFD's or financial spread-betting would be meet my needs. However, I have not found any firm accepting U.S. clients.

    However, I have found NADEX, a CFTC registered broker. They offer 2 types of options:

    and Binary options

    I'd like to see a features/comparison list of these options to just trying buying SPY options. I'm looking to make pure directional 1 day to 5 day trades on the S&P 500. I'd really like something that trades 20 some-hours per day like the EMINI.

    Also, how they compare to these


    I am currently experimenting with their demo platform. The gentleman who spoke to me on the phone seemed helpful.
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    the ES options have weeklies. technically they trade when the ES is open, but would be very illiquid outside of normal market hours. i have never heard of any binaries that actually trade nor are liquid.