Nabors & Starbucks Hit the Unusual Activity Tape

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    Nabors Industries Ltd (NBR)
    Option volume in this drilling contractor normally averages 6,700 contracts. While overall market volume was strong today, NBR option volume was a standout at 6 times normal with 45,000 contracts changing hands with 88% of this activity in the calls.

    We saw very aggressive buyers of the December 30 calls, bidding implied volatilities from the 36% range to 48%. These buyers used multi-market sweep algorithms to pay $.55 for more than 3,000 contracts with more than 11,000 trading on the day....
  2. archon


    What is going on with SBUX these days? Up one minute, in the toilet the next.

    For that matter, what is the upside for SBUX? Haven't they already hit the ceiling for their expansion? After all, my town has dozens of them, several of them right across the street from each other. Doesn't seem like there is much room left for them to grow, unless you're talking about India and China. Of course, they're not going to pay $5 for coffee over there, so the prospects are dim.