Naaa.... we aint printing money

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  1. just a 6 sigma purchase of green ink
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    money supply is only a part of the equation, money velocity is plummeting
  4. what, me worry? put it on the tab.
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    I would like to hear some opinions on whether abolishing the FED is actually a good idea.
  6. we need a Volker FED, not the circus currently in power.
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    Abolishing the fed would be moronic, but controlling it is the needed issue. We get to elect gov officials, corp boards, etc. But have no say so for our money value.
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    The sad calculus that renders your argument invalid is this; the debt created each time the Fed prints new money can never be paid off unless you print more money. But, each time you print more money it comes attached with even more interest.

    It's the ultimate ponzi scheme that is a direct affront to the Constitution because the beneficiaries of that interest paid are not the taxpayers but the private owners of the Fed.
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