N225 question & US momentum

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by rickf, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. rickf


    Now that my broker is offering N225 futures (CME) I am thinking of perhaps doing a 'follow the clock' sort of momentum trade on particularly-violent downward US days.

    I'm noticing that if the Dow drops 300 points in a session, it's likely the HSI or N225 will experience similar big moves going into their day, or so I'm seeing on Bloomberg TV here in the US East Coast.

    IF that is true, my question to N225 or HSI traders is this: At what point would it make sense to enter into a N225 futures trade to try and scalp some of that anticipated downward momentum as their market opens? 1600 NYC as we close? Once futures re-open on Globex? Later in the evening NYC time but in the Nikkei premarket?

    Disclaimer: I have not begun papertrading or chart-reading this strategy yet - so this may be a total loser of an idea once I get some real data charted....but I figured to toss it out for possible discussion here to help shape my research a bit. Thx in advance.