N.Koreans Explode NUKE, TIME for WAR YES OR NO !!!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. so there you go. According to the bush doctrine and why you even went to war in iraq, you have to invade north korea now. They have nukes. No if or buts, they exploded a nuke. Time for a draft.
  2. Maybe fidel kicked the bucket, and they were just memorial fireworks for their commie buddies.
  3. Damn right. And we have to blow the crap out of Iran too...

    My as well add Syria to the list because they suck too...
  4. lol, using bombs, no way. Never works. To garanteed that its done you have to send boots on the ground. Which means a draft. LOL all the conservatives now have to give away their first borns for the cause :D...isnt that biblical justice :D

  5. Bombs always work.....if you have a big enough bomb. WWII as an example!
  6. lol thats called a nuclear bomb....lol yeah you want to use a nuke on north korea. That would be like china bombing mexico, and not expecting a nuclear response from the us. some common sense please.

  7. You said bombs never work. I provided an example where a bomb did work. Simple as that!
  8. Ah... China bombing Mexico would eliminate our "Border Crossing"
    problem we have here. We would probably give much thanks to
    China if they were to be so helpfull...:p