N.Korean bluff

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aus_SPIder, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Is it just me or is it possible that North Korea have bluffed a nuke explosion?

    I mean the nuke was 500-1 kiloton in size.


    Americans have tested 700+ton conventional explosives. Besides detonating 500-700 tons of tnt isnt really brain work, simply a matter of creating a huge explosion, certainly much easier than creating a blasting a nuke.

    So until we can get radiation confirmation of a nuke being exploded im still unconvinced as to whether a nuke has been exploded. South Koreans put the nuke yield at approximately 550-600 tons, certainly within the realm of a convential explosive and very small for a nuclear device. For comparison american's first nuke Trinity had yield of 1kt+