N Korea Nuke Test?

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  1. The U.S. now has radioactive measurement aircraft airborne to monitor a possible test of a nuclear devise in N Korea. What time would N Korea most likely test a device??? I am thinking maybe between 5 to 7 am N Korea time as near first sunlight as possible.

    OK, so how many points would the ES dump at the first reports that a test has been executed by official U.S. spokespersons.....I say at least 5 points.

    Any other thoughts or speculation about a possible market moving incident?
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    I dont think anything will happen, im bearish, but with the market in total bull mode nothing seems to matter anymore.
  3. You never know what can cause a sentiment shift. :)
  4. It could be extremely bullish if North Korea ends up nuking itself.
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    US warns North Korea directly

    Washington (dpa) - In a rare direct message to North Korean officials, the United States warned that a nuclear test would be an "extremely provocative act" that could destabilise East Asia, the US State Department confirmed Thursday.

    US officials delivered the message to North Korea representatives at the United Nations through what US diplomats call the "New York channel," a method of communication used by the two countries because they have no formal diplomatic relations.

    The message "stated our view that a nuclear test would be an extremely provocative act that would represent a threat to peace and security," State Department deputy spokesman Tom Casey said.

    "What we are trying to concentrate on right now is to see what efforts can be made by all parties to convince the North Koreans not to go ahead with this."

    North Korea announced Tuesday that it intends to test a nuclear bomb, sparking international condemnation. The United States is lobbying the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on North Korea if it proceeds with a test.

    Casey said that US officials have not received a reply from North Korea following the message in New York.

    Meanwhile, US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said that US intelligence agencies were closely monitoring a suspected weapons test site in North Korea.

    "At some point we'll know if (the North Korean threat) is words or actually a test," Rumsfeld said. "It will speak for itself."

    The Security Council was expected to issue a statement this week urging North Korea to halt all nuclear activities and return to six- nation talks aimed at persuading Pyongyang to abandon its atomic- weapons programme.

    The six-nation negotiations, which include China, Japan, Russia, the United States and the two Koreas, have been stalled since the last meeting a year ago in Beijing.
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    According to a source in Washington, “U.S. intelligence authorities foresee that there is a good chance that North Korea might conduct a nuclear test within a week.”

    Another high-ranking official said, “Considering that the foundation day of the Korean People’s Army is October 10, it (the nuclear test) is likely to take place this month.”

    On the other hand, another authority mentioned that, “As far as I know, there were no peculiar movements photographed by the satellites of our intelligence agencies,” suggesting that even Washington doesn’t yet have any hard evidence pointing to the possibilities of Pyongyang’s nuclear test.

    "North Korea is an active proliferator (of WMD)," said Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on October 3 (local time). "And were they to test and were they then to proliferate those technologies, we`d be living with a proliferator and obviously we`d be living in a somewhat different world."

    Another official in the administration commented that, “North Korea’s nuclear test would make the six-party talks worthless.”

    It is reported that in case Pyongyang performs a test, Washington has informed Seoul about their plans to encourage the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution invoking the UN Charter Chapter 7, in order to impose new sanctions on North Korea.
  7. Just don't buy any tradesports contracts that was a mess last time.:p
  8. Looks like about 4 points is the initial reaction. We will see what happens once this news story plays out if confirmed. :(
  9. Initial dip and then reversal a la London Bombing.
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    Long term trend is up-relax.
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