N. Korea no longer a nuclear threat

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Here4money, Jun 13, 2018.

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    Kim said there were no weapons of mass destruction in his country
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  3. Rosie tweeted this :

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    Max E.

    So every single president up until Trump has failed in North Korea? Thats a tacit admission on your part.
  5. No they succeeded.
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    Max E.

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    No they did not, but up to our stable genius no one praised NK leaders. They all are murderous animals. Seeing right praising Trump on this issue crystallizes the fact that Trump is a cult, no more no less.

    Right went crazy when Obama just mentioned that he will talk, Trump treats Kim as a good friend and right is happy as pig in shit. One of the worst hypocrisy examples I have ever seen.
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    But I thought immigrants were the murderers?
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