N. Korea atomic bomb, an excuse to invade Iran?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by crgarcia, May 25, 2009.

  1. "These rogue countries are getting out of control, and now they have a-bombs"
    "let's do a preventive attack"
  2. pupu


    Nobody is going to touch a hair on N. korea.
    That's one of the reasons Iran is racing towards nukes.

    The only ones that might feel forced to attack Iran are the Israelis. So far the US has kept them in check like a good little dog, but facing with an impending doom (or at least perceived one) they might make a move.

    As for the 'international community', well, their actions speaks volumes, as always.
  3. why is north korea a USA responsibility? They will simply try to extort more resources from us. Screw em. California owes 200bil and illinois owes 80 bil to there pension funds,,lets work on usa,,bring our troops home from around the world. Forget about 3rd world nations, the future is above your head (space), USA corps want there assets protected,,let them pay the price,,not USA citizens,,price of a gal of gas is 10 bucks,,with military cost included,,,,Heck for the final price of this auto bailout which will likely be in the neighborhood of a 100 bil when all is said n done we could build a bridge from alaska to russia, which should increase trade.