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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by geneticien, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. geneticien

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    Dear Admins,

    It seems that you removed the two subj. threads. Could you please clarify why?
  2. KCalhoun

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    Because I asked Baron. We don't like trolling and libelous bs at the forum. Buhbye

    Instead of wasting time attacking sponsors and trolling, why not add useful trading ideas instead?

    Trolls get banned. Spend your time on constructive dialogue, not petty attacks..

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  3. geneticien

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    You insulted a lot of members in these threads.

    Did you threaten to sue if the threads are not removed?
  4. KCalhoun

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    Legal action in forum libel cases is not taken against the site owner, but instead against the persons committing libel and attempting to defame a public figure such as myself.

    Court order may compel the forum owner to turn over perpetrators IP address(es) which are then turned over to ISP which then reveals identity of the person, who then gets sued by the person being defamed. Proxy ip servers are also compelled to reveal IP tracking data.

    It is a big waste of everyone's time, and potentially very costly to troll people, particularly against litigious people who protect their reputations vigorously, like I do.

    Committing defamation is legally actionable and no you are not anonymous. Trolls are warned -- attack me and it ends badly for you.

    Ever hear the phrase "out of court settlement?" One of my attorneys said my nickname should be #trollslayer

    I strongly advise you and other trolls to apologize and promise to C&D/cease&desist posting defamatory comments moving forward. Final warning.

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  5. geneticien

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    I view it as follows: people asked legitimate questions, you called them trolls and asked to remove the threads. Indeed, it is a big waste of time to sue people because they didn't give you the feedback you wanted.
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  6. KCalhoun

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    No, in many posts there were malicious attacks, false allegations and other defamatory comments that definitely met legal criteria for slander by several posters.

    Trolling creates an unwanted negative toxic environment that is bad for members, sponsors and site visitors.
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    You think they are malicious because they didn’t satisfy your narcissism.
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  8. The problem I see with threats of litigation is many posters are outside the United States or might live in California which protects free reasonable speech. Litigants of Yelp Reviews learned the hard way California does not tolerate SLAPP lawsuits very well and often awards damages and legal fees to those suing honest reviews. This post is in no way condoning real trolls or slandering attacks against someone's hard earned reputation. Two of my online friends were sued by companies because of what they posted on Yahoo(Circa 1999-2000) and Silicon Investor. The Yahoo lawsuit had to do with short sellers attacking the companies and both were exonerated and awarded damages. In one of my law classes the professor(Superior Court judge) said "If you want justice, stay the hell out of the court room because your never going to get it and resolve the issues with those suing you".

    Edited to add: That's why I think the Block and Ignore button Baron put on Elite Trader is so beautiful, screw those you think are trolls and let your merits prove them liars!

  9. savoir


    Ken, I understand why you would want those threads expunged but I do not recall reading a single defamatory post about you. Just because you don't like a post questioning your veracity does not make it defamatory.

    If anyone is skirting around the law, it is you with your deceptive claims about trading millions and cherry picked results while hiding behind disclaimers. You are a sleazy character in a sleazy industry.

    And no, that statement is not defamatory. I know the law and you don't. But be my guest and sue me if you disagree. The truth is a complete defense.
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    Good point re block and ignore plus merits of posts.. it would be great if everyone would simply keep things positive vs childish attacks.. my competitors have anonymously trolled me too, it's just negative and concerning to sponsors and visitors
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