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  1. What do people think about MyTrack, a DAT?

    I originally looked at IB, but a MyTrack customer told me bad things about IB, and recommended MyTrack.

    But I wonder if the higher commission is worth it ($12.95 on MyTrack vs. lower commission for 1000 shares on IB).

    This is my first time signing up with a real, and software-based DAT. I've used Datek until now, but only using their Auto-routing because Datek told me that orders are routed to ISLD first, which was what I'd do most times even if I had L2 and all that.

    one side question: what does Datek do after checking ISLD? Does it SOES MM's? I asked Datek before, but the new people from Ameritrade side are not too knowledgeable, can't take their answers seriously.
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  3. Hi viewpoint,

    I use MyTrack's datafeed and find their data to be very up to date and fast.

    The software they provide for trading is okay, with the basic charting and information gathering functionality.

    I believe you can download their software for free and use it as a free delayed data feed so you can see how it looks before you actually send them money and open a brokerage account.

    Hope this helps,

  4. Hi Viewpoint

    About 5 years ago I played with their demo. They used to give cash prizes each month for the top 3 traders. Of course it was bullshit since everyone would just load up with options with the fake money(I came in 4th once:mad: ). Anyway, they were always screwing up the balance, margin, everything. Now that was just the demo, but it scared me away from them. I ended up going to E trade like an idiot(E trade did send me about $500 worth of junk mail,after all). I think MyTrack charges now for the delayed platform.

    I also remember hearing that the ceo lost millions a few years ago on some speculation, but apparently the firm survived.
    I use IB now(and a small Oanda account).