Mytrack problems this morning?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by swissair, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. swissair


    Anybody else having problems connecting to Mytrack this morning?
  2. I had the same problem this evening (West Coast). I cannot pull up the MyTrack Website and so I figure they must be having server problems. Time to go to your backup feed. Best Regards, Steve46
  3. opw


    No connection all morning (am in Europe)
  4. there must be serious issues going on.
    the problems started last night, around
    1am (Greenwich time).

    none of the servers is working, websites
    down. it looks to me like a router or
    firewall failure.

    i have doubts we will have it back before
    the weekend...:(
  5. madf


    Back in Europe 10.30 am GMT..

    Complain in writing.. I keep doing it...
  6. I think its interesting that banks, hospitals and other service providers seem to be able to run systems that are redundant and fault tolerant. They seem to be able to run backups that automatically kick-in without a hitch. For some reason, brokers and data vendors don't seem to take this business seriously. Just look at the disclaimers they put in front of their website. If you read them carefully, they have virtually no liability for anything!!! Sorry about the complaining, every once in a while I get frustrated with it all. Steve46
  7. Phreedm


    It must be a major problem. There was discussion yesterday morning around 10 that the system froze for about 10 minutes, before resuming. Some tried to reboot, and couldn't sign back on.
    I've been with MyTrack since the beginning, and I must say, all things considered the service is pretty reliable. My banks web site had gone down a lot more.
    Although it is frustrating not having any control.
    Can you imagine the frenzy going on this morning at MyTrack?
    They're probably on their 12th run for coffee. I'd say we'll be back up between 9 and 9:30.
    If not, it's suppose to be close to 70 here in Virginia today, with plenty of sunshine. Might be a good day to go play farmer.
  8. madf,

    could you please tell me which
    server you hang on to ?

  9. swissair


    Sasch, I have been back for a couple on 47 but connection is losta again
  10. I cannot get in, if it would be possible,
    i'd like to look into the chatrooms
    #10     Nov 21, 2003