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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dddooo, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. I am thinking about using Mytrack as data provider together with Neoticker charting package. It'll be replacing my current Qcharts/StockWatchPro POS and I was wondering if current users can answer a couple of simple questions.

    I am thinking about Mytrack's silver data package for $19.99 here is what I cannot figure out:

    -Will I only be able to watch a limited number of symbols in Neoticker?
    -Do I get RealTime T&S information assuming I pay all necessary exchange fees, or do I have to pay extra $20 for it.
    -Do I get Nasdaq Level II data or I have to pay extra $40.
    -Do I get NYSE best bid/ask for NYSE stocks?
    -Do I get quotes from regional exchanges for NYSE stocks?

    Thanks a lot
  2. maxpi


    The symbols seem to limit out at around 300.
  3. H2O


    You will have to pay the additional $25,- / month to use their SDK

    Neoticker (and all other software) uses the SDK to collect data.
  4. the replies given by H2O and maxpi are correct. As for Level II, I believe you just pay the exchange fee. nothing extra other than that.
  5. Does anyone happen to know if intraday volume is available from Mytrack for the full size SP Futures contracts from the CME? I've sent a couple of emails to Mytrack to ask them but I've never gotten a response. I'd like to try to follow the "Emini Divergence Journal" from here.
  6. which specific symbols are you looking for? SP`Z? If so, I just checked through QuoteTracker/myTrack and got:
    LAST 1022.10
    CHANGE +0.8
    VOL 419
  7. Thanks Jerry, not only are you very helpful with your Quotetracker, you're even helping us here. I hope you continue to have a lot of success with your software.

    Yes, I was looking for intraday volume for the SPZ3 contracts. Not end of day volume. I've attached a chart from Esignal to show it. I've heard that its not actual intraday volume since the CME doesn't provide that, it's actually tick volume but it serves the purpose. If you look at the emini divergence journal you would understand the need for this data:
  8. Don't know. It may be that they are tracking the tick volumes and generating the cumulative volume from that on the fly. Would have to try during the day