Myths, methods and madmen

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    One sure sign of a Pseudo-expert is writing that is unclear and difficult to follow. Unclear writing comes from unclear thinking. A true expert will be able to explain complicated ideas in ways that are clear and easy to understand.

    That made me think of one person: Jack Hershey.

    If you’ve been on any sort of trading messageboard long enough, either he or his incomprehensible system will pop up eventually. Some think it is the key to the market. He certainly claims mastery - although he has provided nary a shred of evidence.
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  3. I don't how homosexuality ties into this.
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  6. It's just Spectre trying to impress us with his rudimentary understanding of psychology with a reference to Jack's age.. although Jack is more like a great great grandfather and the homosexuality is Spectre's personal unconscious projection.. but he did get one thing right.. I wouldn't mind castrating Jack.. even though thats a bit like locking the barn after the horse has well and truly bolted :p
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