Myth of border insecurity: El Paso, Tx, America's second safest city

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  1. According to FBI crime statistics, El Paso is the second safest city in America. Crime rates there have dropped 36% over the past 10 years.

    America's safest cities, 2009

    1. Honolulu, Hawaii
    2. El Paso, Texas
    3. New York City, New York
    4. San Jose, California
    5. Austin, Texas
  2. LOL @ NYC no 3.

    There went the credibility for that pole... Guess that poll doesn't consider illegal immigration to be a crime...


    Anyhow, are you trying to suggest that this should have any sort of influence on our policy on ILLEGAL immigration?
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    I don't see El Paso on this list.

  4. You don't compare apples to oranges. This is comparing cities over 500,000 in population.
    The number one safest city on your list of cities over 75,000, Sugar Land, Texas, is also only about 200 miles from the border with Mexico. The second safest city on your list, Yuma, AZ, is only about 20 miles from the border. So your list proves the point.

  5. that's already part of mexico, you diwit :D
  6. This is not an elitetrader poll. It is data from source: CQ Press using reported data from the F.B.I. "Crime in the United States 2009".

    I guessed you haven't been to NYC for a while. It is one of the safest big cities in the world.
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    You can thank me later.
  8. Of course it is, everyone there owns guns... :D
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    I'd like to see ranking by gini coefficient data, if it were available.
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    Me thinks Tmarket has the best points concerning safety in El Paso. I am quite familiar with that city.

    But, Mr. Tmarket, your thread title seems to imply that there is no border insecurity in the USA. That is laughable!
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