Mystery of the undecided focus groups and their dials in CNN / FOX

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lilduckling, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. FOX.... when asked who won the debate, almost every single hand in the undecided focus group raised their hand for Palin..........................and in CNN, the same question only resulted in like 3 hands for Palin!

    What gives..... are they really undecided?? :confused:

    I thought Palin was great as far as meeting expectations... excelling even. Well rehearshed with a few sound bites.

    But as far as who answered the questioned more directly, I thought Biden did. Biden also seemed to show more knowledge in the issues.

    Palin was more exciting to see... like watching a tightrope walker with no net.....
    Biden more boring, except for the moment when he got emotional about being a single dad..(gained points with media)

    Sarah Palin did make a few serious mistakes, especially the comment about her saying the VP should have more expanding powers.... OOPS!!!!

    This just in.... CBS poll of independent voters gave the winner of the debate to Joe Biden by 46% to 21% with 33% saying it was a tie.
  2. HAHAHAHA! lilduck, FOX NEWS was not gonna let happen what happened a few days ago:

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  3. fuckin FOX................ wow
  4. 1. Check out the old lady in the back making her husband put his hand down when he wanted to vote for McCain and then raise it to vote for Obama. Guess we know who wears he pants in that family.

    2. The audience laughing at the end--priceless.
  5. cant wait for the next debate between Mac and Obama
  6. I didn't see the CNN group. But I did see the Fox group. The pollster claimed they were independent voters, 50% of whom had voted for Bush last time, and 50% had voted for Kerry.

    By the way, this same pollster had the focus group on Fox after the first Obama-McCain debate. Obama won by a fairly large margin.

  7. I think it's almost meaningless to ask who won or lost this type of debate. Most people will go with the person whose views they most agree with. Grading them on things like responsiveness to the question is even more irrelevant.

    The only important question is did one help or hurt his/her ticket. I don't think Biden turned off anyone already planning to vote Obama. Palin not only reassured her supporters, she made a great impression on independents and undecideds. Her likeability score is soaring. Ordinary voters feel comfortable with her and want her to do well.