mystery - Barrons hush about sellers

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by andrasnm, Sep 26, 2001.

  1. strange isn't it ? most week the large positions are reported
    except last week. on CNBC Mark Heines repeatedly asked who
    the large sellers were last week. No answer. Anyone know why
    the mystery ?:confused:
  2. I had heard on CNBC (and saw a small note in the WSJ today) that Europeans were pulling funds out of the US. Don't know if that explains it, though
  3. sallyboy

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    No one wants to look like the bad guy so everyone just shrugs their shoulders.

    You can bet it was a mix of everything: foreigners, domestic institutions, domestic mutual funds, domestic hedge funds, and retail investors/traders.
  4. def

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    big sellers including insurance companies that need to liquidate for cash.

    Large margin calls (The Bass brothers for on had to sell 2 billion worth of Disney).

    mutual fund redemptions

  5. jskeldon


    What about the biggest daytraders in the world. The market makers and the specialists, the Goldmans, and the Lehmans etc. Those who can short massive amounts of stock without an uptick. Those who routinely fleece the retail investor blind by blatantly manipulating the illiquid premarket index futures etc. Last week was a classic example, forget about patriotism and the WTC tragedy etc. money and greed is the final arbiter for these bandits. Case in point is the gross manipulation of the premarket last Friday 9/21/01, the morning after Bush's speech. ie. Dow futures down over 400 points premarket only to be positive albeit briefly about 90 minutes after the open. Enough said.