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  1. I am starting this thread to hold myself accountable. I have followed the markets since November 1999. I have not been a total success nor have I been a total failure.

    I struggle with discipline, and I struggle with my emotions.

    I am going to chronicle my trades here on a daily basis and back them up with the actual executions displayed.

    Im not here to teach or be taught. I would be a millionaire by now If I would have followed thru on all my trade setups. I have been using the same method for several years. All my trade decisions are biased on technical analisys. I do not listen to the financial news, I focus on charts only.

    I most likely will not reply to any PMs

    I can do this, I know I can.
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    And what exactly is the nature of your technical analysis.
  3. "I would be a millionaire by now If I would have followed thru on all my trade setups."

    What if's don't cut it in this business. Focus on what you did do........ not what you didn't.
  4. charts always look predictable in hindsight... it always looks like you were so close...
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  6. Based upon your above post...

    I strongly suspect you have other problems that is sabotaging your trading and these problems have nothing to do with trading.

    Also, chronicle of your trades as a public journal and showing your PnL statements will not resolve your discipline problems.

    In fact, the past journals at that had approach this the way you are about to...

    Most of them failed.

    Simply, your already approaching your trading problems from the wrong direction unless your going to be more interactive in your journal along with documenting your emotions from one trade to the next trade and then connecting the dots behind the scene to things occurring in your personal life.

  7. My Mini Trading Station.
  8. Hey MMT
    Nice workstation and good luck on your journal
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    Nice setup. I use 2 LCDs. How did you get the 3rd LCD setup? 2nd video card or a Matrox quad card?
  10. Got to go pick up kids from school, done for the day, I wont turn my computer back on till 8:00am cst.
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