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  1. I am going long ES 1539-1540. I see an inverse head and shoulder pattern, target 1550.
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  3. Friday afternoon 2:26 cst. I will hold over the weekend.
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  4. EPrado


    Ya still in em?
  5. Yep, looking for a strong close to Q3.
  6. EPrado


    Well....who the hell knows whats real and whats not around here...if it is real money good luck.....if not just keep buying down until the trade works.
  7. Whats funny is all the same guys who trash me never post their accounts.
  8. Positions 09-21-07
  9. you are holding 80 contracts long of the ES??, that is a bunch!!!
  10. JSSPMK


    Too much risk, I don't see any sort of hedge there, 1 terror alert and you get a whopping drawdown, where is the contingency plan?
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