MyMini says:Invest In Renewable Energy Stocks

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by myminitrading, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Folks this is the place to be, the Democrats are going to push this BIG TIME!
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  3. Thanks MMT

    Heres one for you. Invest in Uranium mining stocks, here in Australia Paladin Resources is going through the roof.

    China and India are building reactors like mad and every country seems to be looking into it including Australia(Greenhouse gas and for desalination plants etc).

    In the middle east I think 10 countries just announced there intention to build reactors.

    Australia just signed an agreement to help Indonesia to help with nuclear reactors and Uranium.

    Good investing
  4. You guys are years late to the game.

    BUT, Renewables have pulled back quite well so it could be a good entry. Not so for uranium, but I find that sh*t despicable anyway. Sad, very sad that it is being pushed, I hate to say it but I want to see it blow up in people's faces.

    By the way, this election matters little as the renewable energy intiatives are state driven, not federal.
  5. Have you ever heard of mandates, well get ready.

  6. What do you find so despicable? Why would any american want to see working for energy independence blow up?

    I am not a big fan of nuclear, but I am a big fan of biodiesel, ethanol.

  7. You assume too much, I realised this in 2004 when a read about China's intention to build new nuclear plants and their advances in pebble bed reactor technology. But who's to say we have seen an end to this advance.
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    Can you reason your dislike towards nuclear ? Modern reactors are light years ahead on safety compared to Chernobyl RBMK. Certainly the risk is not zero but if it is few orders of magnitude lower than a risk of an large asteroid wiping entire life on earth what is wrong with that ?

    Furthermore with a bit of effort it is possible to build passively safe fast breeder that would have 50x higher efficiency on fuel utilization per unit of energy produced thus minimizing the amount of high-level radioactive waste by the same factor. Not to mention the ability of fast breeders to reprocess the waste into much shorter-living form.