MyGold - good hybrid tool for gold M15 to H4

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Andy4Rum, Oct 12, 2021.

  1. Andy4Rum


    hey all,

    gold is quite good lately, try this amazing tool for better results.
    Idea is simple - accurate, but active signals. You can follow signals
    manually or set it on auto.

    Easy to manage all sets, example below:

    Files are attached.
    Original source:
  2. SunTrader


    Free, free, free. Wonder if Baron knows you are advertising here for free, free, free?
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  3. Andy4Rum


    what's wrong with you?

    Signals are good and not repainted. No need to sign up or do something else.
    File is attached to use it on your MT4.

    if you don't like it - just ignore. Or share something free free free with us.
  4. SunTrader


    Free advertising. Anyway you're right. C ya ignoring all further posts.
  5. maxinger


    Notice that the OP did not elaborate on the hybrid tool.

    This OP is rather fishy.
    He has been posting many new threads asking people to click the exe files.
    beware of clicking such links unless it is from an ET sponsor.
    your PC might get infected with the virus.

    perhaps OP should be the sponsor for the ET forum.
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  6. Overnight


    It's not a .exe file (executable), it is a MT4 indicator file.

    I agree though, he needs to chill on the potential advertising of his channel. Youtube channels themselves are income generators, if they have enough followers and all-that.
  7. Andy4Rum


    This is simple ex4 file for MT4. Nowadays blaming people is just
    normal treatment. Next time be careful and check the file format before write
    "horrible" stories.
  8. maxinger


    read the guideline on creating a new thread.

    then learn how to add value when creating a new thread.

    Then you will get positive comments.