My worst CS award of the year goes to...

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    Now that it is ICE, they don't care one bit about us retail folks.

    I first sent them an email 3 months ago to know how to subscribe to the USDA "exchange" ( datas, but presented as an exchange on esignal ). The guy kindly answered that "USDA wasn't an exchange, but a government agency"..."Thank you, but still, since it is presented as an exchange on your software, how do I subscribe to it?"...No answer after that.

    Now, I try to change my customer name because I moved abroad from when I subscribed. After waiting for 3 weeks for an email, I decide to use the phone. The esignal CS in the US gave me the number of the ICE data center, the ICE data center regave me the number of the US CS. I recall , they give me the number of the UK CS. I call the UK, i hear " You are the next caller in line" for 25 minutes... I must have maxed out my cell phone subscription.

    Next chapter tomorrow. I won't surrender. The light is at the end of the tunnel...
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    Why go through it. Unless you have custom of code written it is easy to switch. I used them a long time ago and was a very happy customer. Even recently (mid last year) I got their data feed and had no issues.
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    OK, Jason Bourne.
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    LOL.Good point. I forgot to say I always trade under an LLC type structure so the company changed when I moved.
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    I am a happy customer too when it comes to the software. For the name, you can't change it online on your account. It is explicitely written to call or send an email to CS. For the USDA datas, if you know which data bundle you need to subscribe to, please share...;)