MY Wisetrade Thread has been DELETED

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Bogan7, May 2, 2007.

  1. ET what are you doing the thread I created to state that you had censored my other comments has now been TOTALLY REMOVED who is responsible for this and why have you done it?

    Are the pigs now running the piggery?

  2. Somewhat strange analogy to the AACS decryption key being pulled off of social news sites for which the HD-DVD consortium sponsors. Freedom of speech is of no importance when advertiser dollars are at stake. :p :(
  3. Isnt that the truth god if ET are that hard up that they have are beholden to these thieves maybe we should pass the hat around?
  4. The stupid thing is just because it is late in the US with most asleep they probably thought they could quietly take it off with no one knowing Bad luck I'm awake and am watching. I had some respect for this site till now but obviously they are getting heat from the Wize Guy Trade (TM) people and have buckled.
  5. Maybe its time for Baron to setup something where any member that pays a fee to be a member of ET...

    That member doesn't see any advertisements nor any message post by any sponsor.

    Kind'uv like paying a fee so that Baron can put all his sponsors on your ignore list and then code it so that you don't see any advertisements (banner stuff).

    I've seen another forum do the latter above and it works very well.

    For the record, I see lots of posts lately by many members stating their free speech is being violated or they are being censored.

    I just find it odd that when a sponsor that has paid for the right to speak...

    Traders show up to try and silence the sponsor or attack them in hopes they will leave.

    Is there a contradiction here?

    Also, I've seen just about all sponsors attacked here at ET from eSignal, IB, PureTick, Bright and countless others.

    With that said, I think $45 dollars per year for any member that doesn't want to see any sponsor ads nor messages is a fair deal.


    P.S. If you remove the belittling (put downs) commentary from your posts in which you use particular words to correlate to the sponsor or to ET management...

    They may have a chance to survive as in not getting moderated.

  6. Yes please. It would also have multiple benefits pertaining to aliases and quality of posting I suspect.

    My preference is different to yours though:

    I would favor a straight subscription model with a minimum of $100p/a. Remove the "in-forum" sponsors entirely. Banner ads etc. are fine if Baron wants to raise extra revenue.

    Forums should probably still be free to read for everyone.

    He could trial it with a new site in parallel:, see how many people subscribe and see if the quality of posting does actually increase and noise decrease.

    I'm sure advertisers would be interested in that market.

    Either that or I'm just talking crazy.
  7. Yes... and that's probably why it won't be done. More generally it wouldn't work because not enough people would sign up. I don't think things have worked out to well over at Silicon Investor - someone let me know if that's wrong.