My wife just rolled out her second novel

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Baron, Jul 2, 2012.

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    My wife just rolled out her second novel called Unguarded, which is a paranormal suspense/romance novel geared towards a mature female audience. It's getting great reviews on all the book sites like Amazon, Good Reads, and Smash Words. I'm so proud of her for working unbelievably hard and creating such an impressive work of art.

    Although I'm fairly certain that nobody on this site would ever read that type of book themselves, it would definitely be a good gift for the young adult woman in your life like a daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend, etc.

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  2. Congrats to your wife on her second novel and all the hard work & time she put into it.

    Well... now I know what to get my better half for her birthday in August.
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    Awesome. Thanks for the support!
  4. I can't imagine the amount of work and imagination which goes into a project like that.

    It has to be a hell of a lot harder than "7 simple ways to scalp stocks", or whatever it was I saw the other day.

    Not sure about my daughter, but I think my mom would like it. Maybe they both will, who knows. They are both voracious readers, so I'll get it for them.

    Congrats to both of you.
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    Does she also write under the pen name Ashley Black?
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    Congratulations to your wife. I know that publishing a second novel after a first is a major step, and is normally considered entering professional terrain.
  7. Congrats to her.

    Question. Did she ask for your input for ideas? Talk about her book incessantly to you?

    I'm working right now on a dyslexic romance...

    Man: Will you sleep with meh?

    Girl: Sorry. You're not my typo.


    That's all I got so far....
  8. I will get this for my wife. She loves these kind of stories. Congrats to your wife and continued success.
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    Hard cover or soft?

    Baron, the picture looks nice. Could get it for my mother if there are pictures inside even though she is old enough to read just words.:p

    Congratulations anyway, you must be standing a couple more inches off the ground.
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    Yeah, she did a poetry book under her maiden name.
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