My ways to future bankruptcy

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    Well lets see, how should I start this......

    A bit about my self since it's my journal (to whom ever may care...)Finish college it's been 2 years. Suppose to become an Engineer to make my father proud. Until I met this old trader, when I was working at the hospital. Got me hooked on trading. He told me about trading, well mostly the basic, option, future, stock, etc... Anyways he open my eyes to this two edges world, were bulls and bears are always in a fight. And to think at first I thouth he was speaking about the animals lol:D. Anayways moving a long. I have done my share of reading books and stategies for the past year and a half, worked my ass out to put some money a side to start trading. Got dumped by my girlfriend twice (but I'm still humping her :confused: ) in the process. So here I am at 3 in the moring writing this stupid journal about how I will open a big (some applausse)2K$ IB account (just to test the water) in a week or so. For christ sake even a monkey could do that. I'm pathetic. Well that it for now.

    Good trade to all, don't forget about money management. and please do NOT trade like Mr.Double.
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    grats on your first step! It appears you have done well to study.

    We have fresh meat. But do update us with your progress.
  3. Yes, what a wonderful bit of exposition on your part.

    We see this kind of post here several times a month, and it is very predictable what will happen to you.

    First, you are undercapitalized. The odds favor your losing all your funds before you make any money at all.

    Second, you make no comment about an approach to the market. No target market, no strategy, no idea whether you know what you are doing or not. I would guess you know little or nothing about the real world of trading.

    Third, if you are like most, you will do what you want to anyway regardless of the good or well intentioned advice you might receive here.

    In short, you are pretty well screwed and I am guessing that in your group, your former girlfriend is probably the only one with even a little bit of common sense.

    Try using the search function at the top of the home page to find good resources for trading education. Try the Exchange sites for free seminars and commentary on various subjects. Read as much as you can. Observe rather than trade for at least 6 months. Try to find and make friends with at least one good trader.

    Thats about it. May lightning strike you and change your mind, as I am sure thats what it will take.

    Good luck
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    :D :D :D

    let's hope you come out on top this time dude.
  5. not to make it seem easy .... but

    there are opportunities out there

    to take even a small acct and make a nice living
    trading ...

    you really have to find an edge that makes
    you money and find a way to execute this edge
    before self sabotage sets in

    good luck ... be glad you are a kid and have
    not burned out yet from this stuff

  6. promagma


    I agree this is a tough business (something like 90% will fail), but this post is unneccesary.

    First, it is very possible to learn and succeed with 2k. I got started with 2k. Just don't expect to make a living. Yes, the odds are against you, but better to risk 2k than 50k. Second, I am sure from your reading you realize the importance of a target market, a strategy, and an idea of what you are doing. This is the learning curve (good luck). Third, tenacity and passion can be a virtue in trading. Harness it to work for you, not against you.

    Have you done any paper trading? This is a good tool to work on your strategy.
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    Well sorry about the delay. I was funding the account (should be finish somewhere about monday hopefully). just mist the aus/us drope 200pips and rise last week. so sad...well anyways will see once the account will receive the funds....

    have a good week-end guyz thank for your comments really appreciated.
  8. there are no missed opportunties in futures trading

    new opportunities come along every single hour

    There are only missed opportunity in stocks.

    "Oh you bought 2000 shares of AAPL @ $13 ? Its $140 split adjusted now "

    Thats called a missed opportunity.
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    LOL ok you won :D
  10. Forget all the negativity and find strategies that work and move on when they no longer work. You don't need a doctorate or even a high school degree. You just need clear vision, common sense, risk control, dedication and discipline. Time is definitely on your side. Good luck.
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