My vision of the new US. If I become the dear leader.

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  1. I would wear drab olive clothes, a beard and a hat like Castro.
    My picture would be everywhere in the US.

    #1 Nationalize all banks, 1 bank only. USB (United states bank)

    #2 Begin housing project. Homes for all Americans available for 220 a month anywhere in the US. I would call them жилищные кооперативы (this will provide lots of jobs)

    #3 National Healthcare, everyone has access to it.

    #4 Free college for everyone.

    #5 Everyone has to spend 1 year doing public service or Military after graduating high school.

    #6 Massive public transportation system (This will also provide jobs)

    #7 Nationalize auto companies, call it United States Auto Works (USAW) And you have a choice of 4 types of autos, 2 colors to keep it simple. (This will provide Jobs) And the cost would be 2800 dollars.

    #8 Light drugs would be legal (Marijuana etc..) But it will be grown on government farms, sold at nominal prices.

    #9 Violent criminals get a 15 day trial then public execution to be televised on channel 3 (Universal government channel for news etc..) Families of the victim can partake in the execution process.

    #10 Non violent offenders will work the collective farms and on the automobile line or cement factories. Any attempts to escape will mean instant death (special collar on the neck that will explode if they leave the secure perimeters)

    #11 Gays and blacks can marry and adopt. No discrimination for the Gay or blacks or those of different looking eyes.

    #12 All manufacturing capacity will be brought to the US nothing will come from a foreign country. All jobs for Americans only. I will follow Hitlers ideology of preperation for "Total war" which means we have to become fully self sufficient in all aspects.

    #13 Cut our use of foreign fuel sources by using all available technological methods (ie electric autos,public transport,solar power for homes)