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    I think AAPL will continue drop under $500 as I see so many expect 500 is a strong support.
    I like FB, but it will test lower instead of going higher from here no matter what mysterious news come out, how low will it go? $26, $20, until form a 2nd bottom then fly higher. A company itself can't change as quickly as it's stock price. FB is still FB two month ago.
  2. 420 and 375 supports
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    Both will go lower
  4. this is completely useless. don't think, know otherwise keep your trap shut. you sound so amateurish its not even funny.

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    I long FB @17ish, short it @26 and cut the short, then short it again now hold the short. I would avoid short AAPL here I as this one is highly manupulated by big fish and also it can bounce back.
    Actually this mkt is highly manupulated than ever, it's hard to trade.
  6. I was long FB 500 shares from $19 to $24. Stupidly sold 1 day before it jumped to $26. Got long with 15 calls at $27 and sold 10 over the last few days. I'll hold this last batch of 5 until expiration, I'm hoping for > $34 after earnings.

    AAPL I think will get close to filling the gap at $420. But if it breaks the multi-year trendline at $475, that's bad news for it.

  7. No meaningful support until ~ 375
  8. That is one of the dumbest statement, if not THE dumbest, I have ever heard.

    So its cash, earnings and products etc. etc. do not represent ANY support?! NONE?! People on message boards are all the same, been seeing this degree of mediocre thinking since the 1980s! People will never get it. They see what is happening and go along with the crowd! They can guess right but not for the reasons they think!

  9. I get what you're saying, but the markets have ways of discounting value. Look at companies like Dell, Cisco and MSFT. They have been value traps for a long time.

    The expectation, based on the stock price, is that AAPL's earnings will fall, and their PE will begin to match their price. AAPL needs a new product that proves to the market that it can make even more than they ever have, but their marquee products look soft right now. iPhone sales appear to be below expectations, and iPad Mini sales will cannibalize iPad sales, but at a much lower margin.

    Personally I think there's major support at 475, the multi-year trend line, and 420, the gap before it went full retard.
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    i hope it would be usable.....i will try.
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