My very personal Goldman Sachs sell program

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  1. Just for the fun of it and because these arrogant and snotty clever shits deserve to be "punished" every time I think about Paulson & Co's AIG / Federal Reserve crime :

    My very personal sell program. Every earned buck goes either to charity or to people who need help - like the children who do not live anymore in their parents foreclosed homes !

    To make things a bit juicy, I will leverage every sell 6 x to get as much as possible from this "friendly neighbourhoods bank" stock players !

    Short 173.41
  2. JAP


    Brass balls my friend. Could easily make it to the $203 area. Good luck.
  3. Another "noble cause" kills a decent man.
  4. Did you scalp some "small change" there? :cool:
  5. Nazz,

    the "force" is with me. I am fighting the unmorality and I know that Obi-Wan Kenobi and Grand Master Joda are with me ! :)



    I will scalp every single penny out of this stock !
  6. Just make sure you are wearing your kevlar-asbestos jock strap. :cool:

  7. Even better :

    Samurai armor...


  8. I strongly believe that the government has been manipulating the market.

    Very simple, Just pump GS AAPL DOW..the big stocks and they will pull the sectors up..too obvious.

    Please do not short, buy on pull back only.
  9. Lethn


    Haven't you guys honestly ever thought of taking down the federal reserve with your trading? You'd probably do more than legislative procedure ever could :p
  10. pcvix


    Beware of the Dark Side, though. :)
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