My very personal Goldman Sachs buyback program

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  1. Buying GS at today 225.32....:p
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I don't have enough cash left in my account to buy enough common stock outright, so I just shorted a bunch of at the money put contracts. Risk free $$$.
  3. The two of you can start a Goldman Sachs ETF with an initial share price of $10. You could do the same with other "expensive" stocks, i.e. BRKA, BRKB, AAPL, GOOG et al. You'll become multi-billionaires!
  4. I never understand that... I mean just buy a few shares if that's all you can afford....

    And if you have less than $1000 then you shouldn't really be buying stocks anyway since the transaction costs and hassle of complicating your taxes aren't really worth it...
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  6. Thanx for counseling nazzdack ! The other day you mentioned foreign investors buying foreign stuff at market tops and sell out at bottoms, I bought some bond futures at the long end of the curve. Therefore I reallocated some profits out of Treasuries into stocks - bargain hunting if you want it call this way !

    I undertook some single-stock valuation and what it says about GS is :

    30-yr Treas. Yield = 4.69 %
    Last 4 Qtr EPS : 24.26
    Next 4 Qtr EPS : 22.65
    Average EPS Surprise : 82.45 %
    Sharpe Ratio 0.94

    Model price : $227.28
    Optimistic model price : $225.13
    Conservative model price : $223.05

    Optimal buy / Sell Levels :
    Buy if lower than $ 219.60
    Sell if higher than $ 244.25

    As such I decided to buy GS at 220.72. (and as I promised - I to stick to my "trademark" ( you now what I am refering to ):)
  7. Selling one part of my GS longs 240.37 :p
  8. Sold the rest of my position at 249.07. Thanx BEN ! :p
  9. I like PANIC days. So I must buy some GS shares ! Thank you Wall Street Journal ! :p
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