My " Vacation " in Dominican Republic..

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  1. The vibe at Casa Colonial is just right for me. Low key opulence for sure. When we arrived fresh from our direct flight from Newark, our room was 20 minutes from being ready. No problem just take the elevator to the 3rd floor and relax up by the pool with a drink. We had our room cards and just went there when we wanted to. No show and dance. Some people like the prior reviewer might say that's not Ritz Carlton service, I like it. Our room was not one of the best, but very nice- on the ground floor facing the sea. When you're relaxing in a robe outside your suite you certainly feel " ocean view " even though some trees obscure it. Room is very much like a how a Spanish house might feel, when you leave your door you are walking on big slabs of marble, the walls are stucco and double thick. It's designed VERY well. Bathrooms rock with a HUGE tub. Big bed, TV. The restaurant is fantastic by Caribbean standards. When you can have Black Angus steak in the carib with a yummy sauce, what the hell are you complaining about? Had some nice wines, one in particular from Argintina was out of this world.

    As a parent with a 3 year old, I had chosen Puerto Plata for my family because of the fast, direct flight, the fact that the hotel was 20 minutes from the airport- it's a leave at 6:00 in the morning, be on the beach by 2:00 experience. A bit surreal but perfect for a short vacation. The help everywhere is very nice. Right after we unpacked my boy Julius said " my belly hurts! " Oh no problem little man we are all hungry off we ran for lunch on the roof.. After lots of pasta and an afternoon in the sun the puke began to come from Julius. I'm not talking regular puke like a liquid, this was near choking- food being regurgitated very much like a sausage machine. We didn't know what to think. We blamed it on the plane ride and catching a small stomach bug.The poor hotel! We fouled the towls bad cleaning up. So much so that we had to track down a guy and dump a bag of towls with him. That night my wife got her monthly delema. Stain on the bed too. The Clampets have arived in Puerto Plata!

    After a good day with little food intake for Julius, it was quickly back to My Tummy Hurts and now he's got no food in in his system and the puke is clear liquid. We gave Julius some gatoraid and had a very tense sleep. He wakes up and pukes that up with red flakes oh my god blood! No wait it's the red gator aid.

    Time to go to the desk and get a Doctor. Fidelio the manager saved our bacon big time. He went to the cell phone and called his own child's pediatrician who spoke English and arranged for him to meet us at the hospital. From there he will, take Julius to his office. Service anyone? At the Hospital we are met by Doctor in charge, Dr Toro. He speaks English as well! Thank God! We give him the gruisome details and he checks out Julius doesn't especially like what he sees and recmmends an IV drip while we wait for Dr. Rosario.

    We are in a room off the to the side that is the
    " resuscitation "room room for asthmatics. As we sit there a young girl comes in panicking- her chest heaving, her hand over her mouth, she is really having a hard time; her eyes look very scared. They get her on a mist machine of some sort and soon she is relaxed enough her husband comes over to us and asks about Julius! This is the type of person you will meet in the Dominican Republic -they are a very, very noble, personable, and friendly people.

    We go through the IV and meet with Dr Rosario, he drops the bomb on us ,Julius is probably just dehydrated but we would have to spend the night in the hospital while he runs test and Julius gets another slow drip. Egads. What is becomming of our vacation?

    The hospital care was quite good and through this experience we have all grown so much- the amazing thing is even with all this drama, and only one full day caught of sun we still had such an amazing time, Casa Colonial is responsable for that. This is a boutique hotel you CAN bring a kid too! And fine dine. Those are lots of plusses that I can see. Hot tubs on the roof facing the sea. Spa services, gym. This fine establishment. Without a doubt the best place stay in Puerto Plata. > Ben
  2. This thread is nothing without pictures!
  3. Yes...and preferably of the local women :D
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  5. I lived in cabarete for the windsurfing season in 2004. Although there are loads of super nice people in the DR, there is also a ton of crime. Muggings and petty theft galore. Also, the most aggressive hookers anywhere. Single males walking around alone constantly get grabbed in the crotch, while the other hooker hand rifles through your pockets. Doesn't matter if you aren't interested, they do it anyway. Most of these gals are from Haiti as well. Very annoying.

    That said, damn beautiful place, great water, and cheap as hell.
  6. Being there last Year....great place. Although a poor country.

    Just came back from jamaica on the 17th. ( Ocho Rios/Montego Bay). Great, great, great place. I will post some pics soon. But, I do advise you guys to visit this place. (If you have a significant other, it is great to go with them. Not to fun for singles. Unless, you like mary jane. In this case, I do not. But regardless.)
  7. What a great handle, STONEDinvestor

    So as I understand it, you and your jumbo-jet sized wart hog of a wife took your innocent little son on vacation to a place that is next door to one of the world's biggest shitholes, Haiti (probably so you could score some weed).

    Then he got sick (probably from some contaminated piece of crap YOU fed him), THEN you abandoned him at a sleazy dirty shitty hospital where some witch doctor bled him with leeches. You are lucky the little guy didn't contract AIDS.

    Personally I think you should be arrested for endangering a minor.

    Nice job there

  8. rateesquad cool running! everything sounds alright Mon.

    In my day of course I have been to jamaica many times but never to Ocho Rios. Questions for you. Is there still no direct flight- long 2 hr car rides used to be the norm. Where did you stay? Would you call the waves at the beach child friendly- not too big? I know you do not care for MaryJ but if you did, or if you could make a judgement off the smoke you smelled.... is it still so damn good & jammy! :cool:
  10. HAHA!! The only question is , does he own a pit bull (see other chit chat thread)

    Please, I'm not a daytrader, I'm an "Intraday Liquidity Provider" :p

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