My two sons or the mass grave?

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    On Monday, the coalition director for human rights said the investigation of a newly uncovered mass grave outside Mosulhad been delayed until more forensic teams arrived in the next few weeks.
    The 101st Airborne discovered the site last week. Initial findings revealed that the grave held the remains of women and children all with bullet holes in their heads, many shot from above.
    Residents have said there were 4,000 to 5,000 bodies in that region.
  2. Personally..Im just shocked that the mass graves have received such little media attention....It's almost like they want to focus exclusively on the use of uranium in a speech and ignore some serious findings going on in Iraq....this mass grave thing is getting pretty grizzly too
  3. I think the fact that administration lied about WMDs being there is shocking enough for the news right now. This is a guy who ran on the whole "I'm going to being integrity back into the white house, because I'm just a good 'ol boy, like you!!!" who has proved to be a liar.

    And I think the fact that lots of innocent Iraqi civilians and US Troops got killed in an illegal and unjust war is tasty enough for the headlines. Plus there's the fact that Afghanistan and Iraq are in states of total chaos and will likely create more terrorists in the wake of the moronic US led "Liberation Campaign."

    One other group of the mass graves is the ones that the Northern Alliance forces (yes! The Good Guys fighting the Taliban) created by killing Taliban soldiers who'd already surrendered -- -- while US Forces stood idly by and allowed it to happen.

    Then you have our great, brave leader making statements (like the one on 7/3) DARING terrorists to attack US forces, and you know what? They did. What a fucking loser.

    Disgusted to be an American,

  4. Then leave if you are disgusted.....BTW...according to the libs( bill clinton) the Iraqis had the same weapons......but that's addition , what are you going to do when they find more? I know you don't care about a bio-mobile lab on 18 wheeler but i do....they will find item, especially now that the sons have been found...they say that Quadi is the one who has the documents and file with locations realize if they find where they stashed em in the next few months.... the liberal party is over as you know it right? just wait and see.....they are painting themselves in a you were against Afghanistan too??? they sponsor attacks on out country and you think we should plant flower gardens and ignore them??? what would you have done wiht the taliban?
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    Maybe the administration is waiting to find the smokings guns so they can have a popularity spike just in time for the election.

    I promise you the liberals will claim that if the timing is correct. First a few of the former clinton guys will get on the cable shows and float the ballon. If it isn't shot down by the liberal media than the real wacko liberal congressman like barny and maxine or whoever will get on and get loud. Then daschle or gebhardt and then the guys running for president. Same stupid test and hope to destory politics every time.
  6. Jeez, even Nader woulda bombed afghanistan (to quote david cross :D ). And it's classic McCarthy style republican witchhunting to accuse liberals of loving afghanistan and iraq simply because we're not a bunch of redneck retards.

    Trust me, the WMD's are not there. The 18-wheeler was old; the former head of the nuclear program buried the equipment in his backyard in '91 and didn't touch it since. Don't you think the rest of the free world has the same intelligence gathering that we do and did not support the war? Doesn't it bother you that Bush's justification for the war has changed at least twice?

    Doesn't it bother you that Bush is a liar and an idiot?

    Doesn't it bother you that many members of Bush's cabinet were members of Reagan's cabinet who trained and funded bin laden and hussein?? Where's the accountability from the guy who was going to being integrity back to the white house?

    Doesn't it bother you that Iraq and Afghanistan are even worse than they were before and now have 50,000 more bin ladens whose pathetic, pointless lives will be devoted to harassing americans?

    Only next time (maybe 15 years from now) it will be the northern alliance terrorists blowing shit up instead of the taliban. The whole thing has been handled miserably. Iraq was actually starting to comply with inspectors, and we bombed them for it. What is the motivation for other outlaw governments to cooperate with the US or UN now that we've shown that we don't really care what they do either way as long as we get the oil?

    Doesn't it bother you that the administration is full of oil men whose industry has deliberately foiled the development of alternative fuels, and allowed dickheads like hussein to get rich???

    The truth hurts sometimes, I know. But the world will be a better place in 2005.

    "No more Bush" party at my house, December 2004 (exact date and time TBA). You're all invited.
  7. Why - we stood by while those graves were being filled? Much of that blood is on the hands of GHW Bush - who gave Saddam air support, and turned a blind eye to the slaughter.
  8. More distortions, exaggerations, irrelevancies, and false witness from tatertrader and bungrider. If they subjected themselves and their favorite sources to the same skepticism they apply to their own government, they'd have nothing to say at all.

    The policies they preferred would have left an aggressively anti-American terrorist-supporting genocidal tyranny in power, and in a position to hold the world's economy hostage. All of the childish anti-Bush invective, inane conspiracy theories, and phonied up pseudo-history in the world won't change the fact they've been defending the indefensible, and have had no credible alternatives to Bush's policy to offer.
  9. He he he. Piss stained liberals probably bemoaning the slaughter of the Hussein children. Gotta start up their drumming and convergences for peace... .

    Wonder what the reaction will be when we pop the father?

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    I dunno....
    I am still waiting for Osma to be dug out of his cave. Dang that damn mad bomber.
    Saddam is a dead man walking.
    Nice price on his head, there must be someone who hates him enough to squeal. I could not imagine anyone would think he should be spared. He committed mass murder.
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