My TV set became my boss, dictating to me, connected to the whole economy

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    I have a large DLP Hi Def Samsung. Lamp in it lasts from 4000-9000 hours.

    My lamp lasts already for 17000 hours and is still working because I run it at lowest brightness all the time.
    But Samsung company made sure that if that happens TV automatically shuts down my WORKING lamp, and wants me to buy a new one.

    This kind of product was unthinkable 30-40 years ago, This is exactly why we have and will continue to
    have all kinds of economic problems.
    We have completely strayed from quality, from endurance, from down right honesty.
    I am disappointing with what became normal business practice. This won't end well. :mad:
  2. i agree. it is just how they try to make more money by getting you to replace or renew to their new product. it has the benefit of producing more jobs, but with resources running out they need to think about quality and longevity again to make sure thinks last. the main problem is energy because the number of resources stays the same (not taking into account relative amounts due to population) but the transforming the old scrap into new products takes energy something we are fast running out of.

    the question is will governments step in before it is too late and introduce legislation that makes stuff last. we are at a point now where governments have enormous control over companies due to the current economic conditions but the governments as still doing what corporations want rather than dictating what they should do. very poor leadership all round i am afraid.

    it is an ideal opportunity for obama, brown, sarcozy, merkel and bellusconi to do something but they won't they just do the minimum amount they need to do to maintain their lifestyle and don't give a damn about us.

    an example if they really wanted to help people in america ten percent of the population are food insecure meaning they don't get good enough food each day or none at all. if obama introduced a law that made companies give away food that had passed its sell before date but was still edible rather than throwing it away it would help a lot of people an would not necessary cost that much. they could also buy a few farms across the country make the unemployed work there for minimum wage then give the food out to the poor.

    the only argument against is the decrease in demand if free food is given away. but to be fair people won't get food that it nearly off if they can afford not to so even if they do stop buying food it would only be as a result of having to use funds elsewhere like medicare. i know it is a bit soviet food factory but desperate times calls for desperate solutions.

    this is part of the reason i do not trust the obama admin any more than the bush it is all talk. change doesn't always mean money has to be spent also the only people who help people without some form of expectation of future gain from it are the churches. the obama admin has reduced communication between the church and the usa to tatters due to his extreme liberal views. you can't tell someone to help people sacrifice finances and then oppose everything they stand for.
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    morganist good post.....all I can say it 20-30-50 years down the road, this won't end well, not at all
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    I can't imagine that it's going to take that long.
  5. To consider 50 years down the road, lets look back 50 years or so. In 1954 a 15 inch color tv cost $1,000 dollars. Now that was alot of money back then. Considering that a new house that year cost $10,000. A new car cost $1,700.

    Imagine if a TV cost 1/10 the price of your house! Or 50% the value of your car. Now, what type of TV would you rather have? One that you never have to replace anything and it costs 10% the price of your house(and is smaller than your computer moniter) Or would you rather have a 40+ inch TV that costs about 1/100th the price of your house that you have to replace a bulb every few years? I think you are still better off today than you were 50+ years ago with your electronics.

    (Just for fun, a 17 inch B&W TV cost $179.96 back then) Adjusted for inflation thats a little over 2,100 dollars.
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    your point is well taken but again you are accepting it up the ass because it is the norm
    Programing your TV to reject the lamp and force you to buy a new one IS WRONG, MORALLY WRONG

    I don't care how you justify it :mad:
  7. know what i just noticed? The TV i was talking about above was an RCA television...(american made) Your TV is Korean made. I guess when you buy a TV from a country that is 50% atheist(or excuse me...agnostic) you cant expect too much in the realm of morality. It's all about the profit in korea.
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    maybe if United States of America learned how to make a good DLP TV I would buy it
    in 2002 I was looking for the best shit

    guess what, US companies didn't have it

    Samsung did ........US will be forgotten in history because we can't compete, we are not smart enough.
    Having said all this, obviously foreign companies are not the pleasant future either so, I guess we are all screwed
  9. What's the symbol for RCA? Seems like it's a buy to me. Would you buy a tv made in Iran or Saudi Arabia? It seems that there are almost no atheists there.

    P.S. If your post was meant as a sarcasm....I apologize for not getting your sense of humor.
  10. RCA isnt american anymore. It was bought by the french and they license the name to anyone. Currently i think the chinese are using it (TCL corporation) now.

    I think Iran & Saudi arabia is more a trustworthy people than Korea or china as far as their products. I mean their oil has never failed me :p

    But all joking aside, I've never heard people complaining about their trade products, but you hear people complain all the time about trade products from Korea, Japan and the such.
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