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  1. I am shorting the S&P 500...I think a top is being put in however I am not like another poster and will not be updating the top every day

    my zone is this


    stop in the neighborhood of 1355-60

    I know what you are thinking, another top call but ive only called a top once and that was back in May of 2010.

    If im wrong im wrong but im usually not.

    please no posts about how ridiculous I am shorting this , if it goes past my stop ill admit I was wrong.

  2. very bottom of the zone capped of the rally today...a great sign. I am going for a big target off this btw
  3. did you actually do it? With the ES, SPY, SPX or ??? what level did you enter? very interesting...
  4. Im short some spy but at same time I'm short some stocks. But I'm also long a small number of stocks to hedge .
  5. bonds


    what is your reason for going short at this level?
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    Just like no one knew where the bottom was, no one will no where to top will be. Today could have been the short term top, but of course we would not know until well after the fact.
  7. the level is based upon technical anaylsis as well as some fundemental analysis for support. I trully believe that just like the sell off in2008 people sold too far than what the crisis called for, i.e. prices got lower than fair value. Now people are pricing things too high based on recovering earnings, we are way too inflated, we need to be knocked back down to earth.
  8. we should just keep going up.
  9. That's a seems on et if you go long you aren't a good trader just a follower and if you make a top call you're a Fucking idiot and you are supposed to defend the call until you die and god help you if you're wrong because you'll lose internet respect.
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    Whats your R:R ?? Any thoughts u wanna share on yr technical analysis etc?
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