My Trip to Manhattan

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. Seems like your New Year's resolution was to stand up and fight like a woman.

    Please, continue, I need the laughs.
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  2. yada yada yada ...
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  3. yes it changes upon deletion
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  4. Aphie -

    I just found this thread. Super pics! Appreciate your time & effort to post them.

    If you have any of the NYSE/Naz/Financial District - be my guest in posting them.

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  5. I am going back this weekend for three days to see more stuff. The MET was closed on Monday when I was there!! I thought they were closed on Wednesdays.

    Any specific requests? I am going to take a lot of pictures of ground zero, wall street and I'm going to do two short movies and a few GIF animations of the destruction and report back in about a week or so.
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  6. Ground Zero, the Nasdaq marketsite & the NYSE would be great.

    I'm from NY originally and when we visited last year the sight of the NY skyline without the twin towers is like looking at a beautiful girl, then she smiles . . . and her 2 front teeth are missing. :(

    Thanks, Aph.
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  7. nitro


    Nice pictures!

    I miss Manhattan.

    nitro :cool:
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  8. How about some photos of traders who actually make money trading...give you something to aspire to.
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  9. nitro


    You want me to take pictures of traders that make money to give me something to aspire to?

    nitro :confused:
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  10. Was meant for Aphieboy, my regrets on the misposting.

    Aphie, if you are listening, the comments were for you.

    By the way, Aphie, when are you going to go back into the water?

    Or are you forever relegating yourself to be a waterboy for those ET members that actually get off the bench and trade.
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